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2016 involved an influx of teaching, musical creativity, and conference speaking. A panel on the Marvel Comics Netflix series Luke Cage of which Jon was a part at the 2016 meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Atlanta Georgia will be publishing a co-authored piece on the intersections of religion, culture, and Afro-diasporic existentialism. The piece is called "Bulletproof Love: Luke Cage, Y'all," and will be published in the Journal for Religion, Film, and Media. Along with Jon, the other authors are Daniel White Hodge (North Park University), Ken Derry (University of Toronto), Stanley Talbert (Union Theological Seminary), Laurel Zwissler (University of Toronto), and Matthew Cressler (College of Charleston). The authors hope to invent something novel in this multi-authored, semi-casual academic response to the phenomenon that is Luke Cage. Coming soon.

On 2/25/15, Jon wrote a blog/review of L. Callid Keefe-Perry's recently published text, Way to Water: A Theopoetics Primer, in conjunction with Homebrewed Christianity's 5-day focus on the book from 2/23-2/27. In short, each day, a different person blogged about Callid's fresh and informative text, hopefully luring you toward not only purchasing but also engaging this work of organic intellectual art. Jon specifically identified the resonance between theopoetics, process philosophy, and underground hip-hop creativity that is implicit within Callid's thorough presentation of this burgeoning field/post-field. The review/blog was posted at

Building off of the course "Jimi (Hendrix) and Jim (Morrison) The Philosophy of Religion of the Sixties Rock Shaman" that Jon taught at Claremont School of Theology in the Spring Semester of '12, he has recently invented a new course entitled "Aesthetic Religious Atheism." This class charts the philosophical altering of classical ideas of God from their existence in Western philosophy in the 19th and 20th centuries to their adaptation in popular and obscure works of art from music to live paintings. For more information on this adventurous and rigorous course and to find out how it could be taught in your seminary, university, or basement, contact Jon at

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Thanks for tuning in to Jon's philosophico/theological/artistic sector of cyberspace. A lot of exciting things are happening with him at the present. Don't miss out, for his present will be your past very soon!

Jon Ivan Gill is a mush pot of flavors, styles, and ways of life. As a secular theologian, he implements faint to explicit word pictures of ultimate reality outside of any faith tradition, attesting to the fact that the idea of God is not the prisoner of religious worship (or that God is more than religion or religious worship). As a philosopher, Jon directs his interests in post-structuralism, process thought, existentialism, and philosophical theology toward his own interpretation of the universe that he continually develops. As an jon gillartist, he produces both dense raps and postmodern instrumentals that give the listener the illusion that she is looking at Jim Morrison dancing to a JDilla rhythm in a secular church where DJ Rhemalogix mixes the sermon of the universe on Technics turntables. Ah yes, finally. As a connoisseur of religion, Jon will perpetually experience every expression toward, against, or about ultimate concern (what some would call God), ushering its wisdom into his burgeoning position of lifelong contemplation on the intricacies and simplicities of reality in its totality.

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Jon Ivan Gill is an avid scholar of Whiteheadian process thought, metaphysics, cultural studies, aesthetics, existentialist philosophy, and constructive & secular theology. His creative tangent ranges from underground hip-hop culture to cryptic lyrics he pens in rap, poetry, journal refereeing, book reviews, and academic essays & critiques. The focus of his doctoral studies was “Philosophy of Religion and Theology” & Philosophy at Claremont Graduate University. Prof. Gill synthesizes Whiteheadian “process theological” and philosophical concepts of the idea of God with the aesthetics of underground rap creativity in his work. He postulates a perpetually-evolving, socially-transformative, and theopoetic universal philosophy of life. His staunch support of a truly philosophical and theological trans-disciplinary discourse involves the inclusion of everything from aesthetic atheism and religious pluralism to subversive use of the arts. Jon enjoys Belizean food and culture, live music, raiding used book stores, close friends, and family. If you see him, stop and talk with him. He’d love it.

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"As a person who has ingested the aesthetic and art as my life, my religion, my 'Bible', I can't be from this planet. The fact that I am synonymous with art restructures every racial bias and boundary, putting the power of creating my identity in my own hands, as well as the power to exist in the world without adhering to the legalism that these categories usher in." - Jon Gill