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Current Snapshot:

Jon can be found in print in an essay in the recently released Beyond the Bifurcation of Nature: A Common World for Animals and the Environment, an outstanding book that addresses the dire need for the rupturing of the human centered understanding of the universe, using Whiteheadian process thought, South Asian indigenous traditions, art, and activist and de/constructivist philosophies to re/imagine a genuine colleagueship amongst all entities. The text published by Cambridge Scholars Press, edited by Don Dombrowski and Brianne Donaldson, and features papers by Brian Henning, Sandra Lubarsky, Donald Crosby, Sheri Kling, Brianne Donaldson, Meijun Fan, and others. Jon got to have the last word of the text, which is a theopoetic excursion into the theme of the book. Pick it up and engage a novel way of viewing here: http://www.amazon.com. Also, check out Jon's article on Tillich, Whitehead, and underground hip-hop, published in the Summer 2016 Bulletin of the esteemed North American Paul Tillich Society. The paper is entitled "Grounds of Being Becoming: The Possibility of Tillichian-Inspired Process Theology as Displayed by Underground Rap. Read it here: http://www.napts.org

On to music updates, 2016 was a busy year for Jon, who performs hip-hop under the moniker Gilead7. In March of the year, he released a project with MC/producer Phantom Thrett of Pomona, Ca. and producer Dr. Strangelove of London, England. The three formed a lo-fi experimental hip-hop esque group called "Crystal Radio," and the cassette album, released by I Had An Accident Records, holds the same name. The indelible limited release flew off of the shelves, but a few can still be purchased here: http://ihadanaccidentrecords.com/ Take a visit there and cue it up!

Also, Jon teamed partnered with Southern California instrumentalist Subtrax for a vinyl album entitled "Peaces of War." Over Surtax's 90's-influenced dark boom bap beats, Gilead7 articulates Whiteheadian multiplicity through an array of topics ranging from social oppression to the uniqueness of the underground hip-hop movement. Peaces of War was released by Echoes of Oratory Muzik (US) and New Records (UK). The vinyl is available at several quality retailers, as well as digitally via stores such as Amazon.com and iTunes. Take a listen here: https://eoomuzik.com/

Visit the site, stay a while, see what's new on Jon's Wordpress, and don't forget to contact Jon for the best in philosophy, theology, or art.