Jon Ivan Gill
1415 N. College Ave #103.
Claremont, CA. 91711

Philosophy and Religion

Teaching Objectives

Jon is available to teach either one on one and/or in classrooms several intersections of philosophy and religion that he has either learned or created himself. Please contact Dalia Lapiedra and for more information. Below are a list of these services:

Pocket:  A brief 4-5 week intensive seminar/class/reading group on the connection of two or more subjects or subdivisions of subjects that call for further comparison/contrast. These are useful for students interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge on the interrelation of these subjects, as well as stimulate and provide tools to facilitate further interest and self-instruction. Pocket layouts/syllabi are available on request. Just send an email to Jon and request them. Check back regularly for new Pockets.


Hip-Hop, House, and the Study of Religion
A team taught course that explores the connections between the cultures/musical genres of hip-hop and house, identifying how the cultures themselves are and can be intrinsically thought of as “religious.” Particular attention will be given to how these cultures address racism, classism, sexual orientation/identity, politics, economics, ecological issues, etc.

Introduction to Process Thought/Theology
Beginning with a brief charting of the history of process philosophy/theology from the Chicago school through Whitehead and Hartshorne and ending with process liberation and feminist theologies with several areas in between, this course provides an intense overview of process thought tailored to both academic and parish/religious uses.


Secular Theology
A consideration of Christian theological themes for their pragmatic value apart from the communities of faith that doctrinally enforce them. Secular Theology is a course that interprets systematic theological themes allegorically, applying their intrinsically transformative essence to various areas of life, and identifying where they show up in non-religious contexts.

Introduction to Religion
This course is an undergraduate and graduate introduction to the study of religion, analyzing its various methods, philosophies, and schools of thought from the Enlightenment period to the present. It covers technical understandings of religion, and considers its appearance in an influence on science, history, culture and more. Subgenres of religion, such as philosophy of religion, the arts, film, and ecology, will also be overviewed. There will be weekly assigned readings and class lectures covering in survey the academic discipline of religion in theory, a look at the practice of religion, and the arguments against religion.
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Courses Taught

Jimi and Jim: The Philosophy of Religion of the Sixties’ Rock Shaman
The lives of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison juxtaposed and inducted into existentialist philosophy, contemporary theology, and philosophy of religion in order to apply their shamanistic breakthroughs to existing religions and philosophies and prescribe them to new ones.

Constructive Aesthetic Theology
A consideration of novels, movies, and musical recordings that focuses on extracting theological and philosophically religious themes from various art mediums with the intent of equipping students to do the same in their classrooms or parishes.