Philosophy and Religion

Teaching Objectives

Jon is available to teach either one on one and/or in classrooms several intersections of philosophy and religion that he has either learned or created himself. Please contact Dalia Lapiedra and for more information. Below are a list of these services:

Pocket:  A brief 4-5 week intensive seminar/class/reading group on the connection of two or more subjects or subdivisions of subjects that call for further comparison/contrast. These are useful for students interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge on the interrelation of these subjects, as well as stimulate and provide tools to facilitate further interest and self-instruction. Pocket layouts/syllabi are available on request. Just send an email to Jon and request them. Check back regularly for new Pockets.


Metaphysics and Theology


An exposition of the key elements in the study of metaphysics that are/can be related to ideas of divine reality as discussed in theological and religious settings. Readings will come from Archie Bahm’s Metaphysics: An Introduction, with other supplemental readings.

Targeted demographic: religious leaders interested in strengthening faith communities’ practical and pragmatic understandings of the idea of God, theology/philosophy of religion graduate students.

The Natural Philosophies of Whitehead’s Process and Reality and Concept of Nature

A close reading of Whitehead’s two descriptions of the interconnectedness of nature in Process and Reality and Concept of Nature.  This Pocket specifically looks at the chapters in Process and Reality that explicitly deal with the process of nature and compares and contrasts them with those found in Concept of Nature, attempting to identify shifts in Whitehead’s understanding of nature between texts as well as illuminate continuities.

Such a study is helpful for graduate students already familiar with Whitehead’s cosmology, and are desirous of understanding the differences between these two important texts for their own research interests.

Targeted demographic: students of philosophy, religion, theology, science, and philosophy of religion interested in how Whitehead’s multifaceted and varying cosmology relates to their disciplines, and are desirous of gaining helpful tools to conduct their own research into the intricacies of this interrelational natural philosophy.

Feuerbach, Solle, and the Death of God Theology


A look at Feuerbach’s argument against a supernatural basis for religion and juxtaposing it with the work of Thomas Altizer on Theology and the Death of God, an idea that could be argued to have had roots in Feuerbach (among other thinkers). Dorothee Solle’s theological answer to the Death of God movement will also be analyzed, contextualized, and postulated for use in present-day religious and non-religious circles. This Pocket will consider in part Feuerbach’s The Essence of Christianity, Solle’s Christ the Representative, and Altizer’s Theology and the Death of God.

This Pocket intends to make some interesting connections between these three thinkers, preparing the student to make distinctive adventurous appropriations of and theological/philosophical answers to the Death of God idea, a concept and position that continues to require present-day contextual solutions.

Target audience: Undergraduate and graduate students interested in understanding some of the important ideologies and philosophical positions behind deconstructionist notions of divinity as presented in the Death of God theology, religious leaders desirous of the competency to dialogue with the Death of God theology and other deconstructionist models of the divine.